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Short Grass Specialists

Blue Water Landscape houses our own Short Grass Specialist, with a thorough understanding of sport turf and what it needs. We own our own verticutting, aerating, and top dressing equipment as well as reel mowers with sharper blades positioned closer to the ground so you get the shortest grass you’ve ever seen.

Our verticutting machines are able to complete the jobs quickly.
They remove dead thatch (dead, compacted vegetation) from under the turf leaving your grass breathing happy.

Once the bad has been cleared, we air out your sport turf with aeration machines to have more access to air, water, and other nutrients resulting in better growth.

Afterwards, we use our top-dressing machines to apply a thin layer of soil or organic materials over the turf surface.
Each lawn is different, and Blue Water knows exactly what it needs.

Our specialists will select the best possible mix for your turf to be applied restoring the balance of overall health Blue water Landscape knows how to give your lawn the best care it can receive.